Whitby Lobster Hatchery

AQUACULTURE icon Giles Cadman November 10, 2022

Three years ago, I came across Whitby Lobster Hatchery who were struggling to get their ambitious plans off the ground. Their vision was to build a lobster hatchery and replenish the wild stock of European clawed lobsters in the local area.

But they were stuck in a cycle of bureaucracy. They were stuck with amazing plans, the knowledge and the passion to carry them out, but no funding and no way to access it.

After learning this, I knew I had no choice but to step up to the plate and provide the funding that Joe and his team so desperately needed.

These types of projects are why I do what I do, because it is not about creating test tubes or science labs, it is about creating oceans on land and cleaning our coastlines.

But what truly drew me to this project over the hundreds of others that reach out to me for help, is that the people at Whitby are fishermen working in the interest of fishermen. I strongly believe that traditional fisherman are the guardians of our coastline. They know when there is pollution. They know when the catches are good and bad. They know where to fish and when. But regardless of their vast knowledge, they cannot do their job if there is nothing to catch.

And there's nothing to catch because of pollution. We have got to step up to repair the catastrophic damage that is being caused every day by pollution. So, by supporting this project, I hope to ensure that Whitby lobsters are thriving for generations to come.

I also hope to inspire others to fund restorative aquaculture projects and unlock the potential of our great British fisherman. There is so much talent and passion out there that is falling at the first hurdle because they cannot get the capital to start. That's why Whitby Lobster Hatchery is so important. I know they will prove that, with the right funding, fishermen can do great things.