Tips for Hiring: How to Choose the Right Person for the Job

BUSINESS icon Giles Cadman September 30, 2020
As business owners, we're often told that "˜no one else cares about your business as much as you do', so what do you do when the best thing for your business is to hand the reins over to someone else? What do you do when, deep down, you know that you're no longer able to singlehandedly drive your business to its full potential? After all, relinquishing even the tiniest bit of control is the hardest thing any of us business owners will ever have to do, but it's also one of the most crucial parts of a business' evolution.
After almost 30 years in business, I've had to undertake this process more times than I can count, but in doing so, I've built a pretty strong list of things to consider when looking for the ideal candidate. Here's what I focus on:
1) Experience
Hiring someone with extensive experience in operating businesses like your own has to be the number one criteria when talent searching. It's by no means the only thing that should be considered, but it certainly plays a large part. I personally look for individuals that have dedicated their career to the industry I'm hiring in, someone who knows the market inside out, and who has a strong book of contacts within it. More often than not, hiring someone who is well-versed in your industry instantly boosts the credibility of your business, as their well-renowned knowledge and experience often becomes a hugely attractive asset, opening the door to future opportunities and further growth.
2) Actively Search
More often that not, attracting people with that kind of experience to apply for roles within your firm doesn't happen by magic, which is why I now actively scout individuals when searching to fill senior positions. Market your vacancy to them, let them know you want them "“ everyone wants the best, you need to give them a reason to want you!
3) Passion
Most businesses are initially built on the personal passions of their owner, and, whilst passion will only get you so far, it's certainly not something to be ignored once you're established. As a passionate person myself, I like to be surrounded by others who are passionate about the industries we work in and who will passionately get behind the visions and goals of the businesses we operate. Unearthing the passions of someone in an interview scenario isn't always easy but I've found that simply asking the right questions and following gut instinct is often more valuable than you realise.
4) Fit
Team fit is another factor that's of huge importance when hiring, no matter the role. For my senior appointments, where I can, I bring team members who are going to be directly impacted by the new hire in at the interview stage. These people already know your business and its goals, so they'll be able to help you decide who will be the very best fit for your firm.
Over recent years, I've done a lot of hiring for senior positions and I feel very lucky to say that I am now surrounded by a team of proactive individuals that are actively driving our businesses forward. I am no longer involved in every single decision that's made, but I am regularly kept up to date with what's happening and offer my input when required.
Trusting my senior team is easy because it consists of some of the very best professionals in their field, which in turn has helped to rapidly transform our businesses, many of which are well on the way to becoming the very best they can be!