Protect Our Oceans: Why it’s Important


As the world’s largest ecosystem, there’s no denying the crucial role our oceans play in providing for and protecting our planet. From housing animals and controlling the weather, to supplying food and water for all, ensuring the health and longevity of our oceans is something I’ve long been concerned with. Here’s why:


1) Natural disasters


Both our plants and oceans are currently struggling to absorb the high levels of CO2 we are emitting, meaning the globe is experiencing increased temperatures, melting ice caps and rising sea levels. Unfortunately, these damages often lead to less than ideal outcomes, be it heatwaves, bush fires or any other type of natural disaster.


As a resident of the British Virgin Islands, I’ve experienced my fair share of natural disasters. I’ve seen first-hand the truly shocking impact of hurricanes and tornados, which is why I feel personally passionate about encouraging others to play their part in living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, with the aim of helping to reduce the risk of natural disasters worldwide.

2) A healthy food source


It’s a well-known fact that fish and seafood is a great source of healthy, lean protein, which is regularly enjoyed across the globe. I personally am a great lover of all seafood and strongly believe that there is no better delicacy than fresh, clean, locally-sourced fish.


Unfortunately, with our oceans already heavily overfished and the amount of micro-plastics entering our seas on the rise, our oceans ability to house and raise healthy marine animals is becoming a struggle. Survival rates are lower than ever for many of the world’s marine species and a large percentage of those that do survive to adulthood often aren’t healthy enough to provide a food source. This is one of the key reasons that I am so heavily invested in sustainable aquaculture an industry focused on replenishing our stocks through the on-land cultivation of shellfish.


3) A love for the ocean


Covering 70% of the Earth, there’s very few of us that are not within easy reach of the water, yet being by, on or in the ocean often brings joy for so many across the globe. Whether you’re into ocean-based activities such as waterboarding, surfing or swimming, or simply like to relax by the water, the ocean is a place that many of us choose to spend our free time, a place to escape a place that, now more than ever, is of key importance for the mental wellbeing of so many.


Whilst I may not be the first to jump on a jet-ski or head out for an ocean swim, spending time by and on the water is my happiest place. Even as an outdoor enthusiast, a person that adores the countryside and its stunning forestry, nothing compares to the feeling of being near the ocean.


Remember, helping to protect our seas doesn’t necessarily require grand gestures of veganism or a promise to never fly again, it simply means being more CO2 conscious. If there’s any way you’re able to reduce your carbon footprint, even the tiniest bit, then I urge you to do it and play your part in protecting our oceans and making our planet a cleaner and safer place to live.