National Lobster Hatchery Wins Aquaculture Award!


I have exciting news to share! The National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) has been crowned the winner of the Stewardship & Sustainability Award at the 2018 Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards.

But why is this so exciting for us at the Cadman Capital Group? Well, the National Lobster Hatchery uses the Aquahive system – one of the patented products from our company Shellfish Hatchery Systems Ltd (SHS), which operates globally’ to sustainably farm lobsters in the UK.

SHS specializes in providing turnkey solutions for customers looking to develop commercial crustacea (mainly lobsters). We’re exceptionally proud of the amazing team at NLH to have won the award specifically focused on sustainability.

About the Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards

The Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards celebrate the achievements of the aquaculture sector. It’s vitally important to the natural economy, as well as the coastal communities that are economically fragile.

Supporting the local community and creating jobs is important to us and shows through our work with Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries (CSF), located in the British Virgin Islands, and Orkney Shellfish Hatchery (OSH), located in the Orkney Islands.

NLH operates in Padstow, a coastal town of just under 3,000 people. We understand just how important rural communities are to the economy and do our best to support them by focusing on sustainability and growth.

About the Stewardship & Sustainability award

So, why did NLH win the award? The Stewardship & Sustainability award recognized an initiative that had contributed to the sustainability of an organization, considered predator management, and wild stock interactions, and supported collaborative resource management with other marine businesses and engagement with local stakeholders.

NLH is also pioneering a very cool project called the Lobster Grower 2 (LG2). LG2 is a three-year research project, which aims to investigate raising juvenile European clawed lobsters to larger sizes in an environmentally enriched sea-based container. This project was also shortlisted in the Innovation category! I’m also so happy to announce that LG2’s Principal Investigator and NLH’s Research & Development Manager, Dr. Carly Daniels, was nominated for Shellfish Farm Manager of the year.

CSF’s very own Dr. Matthew Johnston (right in the photo above) and Richard York (left in the photo above) are pictured with Dr. Daniels in the cover image.

Supporting local, rural communities in a sustainable way has and always will be important to us. We’re thrilled to see this recognized in our relation to NLH and this award. Again, huge congratulations are in order to the whole team at NLH and everyone involved in making the Aquahive system a success.

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