Help Needed: Please Donate to the BVI Relief Fund

BUSINESS icon Giles Cadman April 10, 2018

To donate to the BVI Relief Fund, click here.

It's truly devastating to see the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Irma throughout the Caribbean. As a long-time resident of the British Virgin Islands with many friends and memories there, it has weighed heavily on my heart to witness the utter destruction there. This Category 5 hurricane is one of the biggest to hit the Caribbean and has left almost all homes, buildings and communities in ruins.

I was extremely saddened to hear some newscasters diminish the gravity of the situation and need for help in the BVI. This callous response neglects the fact that the islands have been almost completely decimated. Families are now homeless "“ without food, water, or electricity, friends are missing, and survivors (including children) are in dire need of supplies and medical attention.

We simply can't stand idly by while they struggle.

That's why I've helped to establish an unofficial relief fund so that those of us who are able, can bring support to the people who need it most. 100% of the proceeds will be used in a direct effort to support those whose lives have been devastated by the storm. A board is currently being assembled to ensure all funds are allocated toward relief for the most vulnerable first, in a fully transparent, regulated and non-wasteful fashion.

We hope that our efforts will help to subdue the current desolate state in the BVI until government relief can provide further aid. Delivering cash to locals will serve no purpose under the present conditions. That's why instead, we're coordinating local resources in the region to deliver food, water, antibiotics and other necessities that are required immediately.

If you'd like to donate to this cause, click here. There are no fees associated with any donations made, and you will receive a receipt from the BVIl Relief Fund. I'm happy to share that we've already begun to receive donations and have set our initial fundraising goal at $100,000. As we continue to raise funds, we will increase our goal.

We have received approval from the appropriate immigration parties to travel back and forth between Puerto Rico and the BVI with supplies and are currently doing so with five boats. We will continue to update on our progress on the next steps we'll take to continue supporting the BVI.

The BVI and the people in it are very near and dear to my heart. I've been actively monitoring any feeds that I can to make sure we're helping to meet the direct needs of those still in the BVI. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to witness the devastation this hurricane has brought and I believe it's our moral imperative and duty to do all that we can to assist those who have lost everything in this tragic situation.

Any support you can give to help this cause is most appreciated. Please donate here.