Building Sustainable Developments


While I usually write about travel, entrepreneurialism, and of course, wine, I thought it was time I introduce a few other aspects of my business to my blog.

A large part of The Cadman Capital Group, and another one of my passions, is real estate and building sustainable developments. Making sure our businesses are sustainable is something we’re conscious of, with initiatives such as Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries.

We strive to do the same in our real estate business, Boone Real Estate. If you’re curious about how we build to be sustainable and eco-forward, read on.

Bring the environment into the design

The best way to build sustainably is to bring the environment into the design and think critically about the ways in which we design our homes.

An excellent example of this is the “green roofs” on buildings I saw when I was visiting Chicago recently.

These extensive gardens can be found on top of urban developments and include vegetable gardens and even running tracks for those so inclined! While the benefits of these gardens are endless, they also work to improve the air quality in the city.

We’re always looking for new ways to bring the environment into the design of our builds and are excited to impliment initatives such as this in our upcoming projects.

The importance of eco-friendly material

Building sustainably means making sensible, yet sometimes difficult decisions. For example, new developments must be made from modern, environmentally forward materials, not the classic materials that have wreaked havoc on the environment for decades.

For example, many builders are still using wood from teak trees in their developments, which is a type of hardwood only found in rainforests. There are better, more modern materials out there that can be used and wouldn’t have the same negative effect on the environment.

We strive to use wood, stone, and steel – materials that are renewable, but also ethically and locally sourced.

Keep your carbon footprint in mind

As the chairman of over 30 companies, I understand that the carbon footprint of a business is extremely important.

Because of this, I take measures to ensure that most of what we build is sourced locally. For example, the stone has to be local. Some development companies will bring slate from India to the UK because it’s cheaper – but we have Welsh slate of the same quality just down the road!

To this point, some people will say, “But we need X type of stone to achieve this look!” And I will respond with, “A design should represent its time and region. There’s no need to try to make it into something that it’s not and damage the environment in the process.”

The bottom line

While no company is perfect, sustainability is something that is important to us at The Cadman Capital Group. We will continue to move forward with our sustainable initatives and keep you well-informed in the process. What are your thoughts on sustainable building? Comment and let us know!