4 Pieces of Insight a Good Mentor will have to Offer

BUSINESS icon Giles Cadman April 3, 2018

Mentors are an important part of any entrepreneurial journey. However, in my own experience, great mentors will come to you if you are on the right path.

The secret to mentorship is allowing the mentor to find you, and I’ll admit – sometimes reluctantly listening to the guidance they have to offer. I’ve accepted the mentors that have come to me in different parts of my life, and not once regretted it.

Like most new entrepreneurs, I thought I already knew everything I needed to know. Once I learned to listen to my mentors, I realized that they had a lot of valuable information I needed to take into consideration. Often, what you think you need and what you actually need in your business are very far apart.

With that said, here are 4 insights every good mentor will have to offer.

1) Life Experience

One of the most effective ways to achieve personal growth in your entrepreneurial ventures is by listening. All great mentors have plenty of experiences and insights to share with you, which can save you some from mistakes if you listen carefully.

Every mentor had to start somewhere. And the more life experiences they’ve had, the more they can relate to you and your struggles. Learning from these difficulties and how they overcame them will save you time, money, and energy.

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2) A Niche

Being proficient in a certain field of work is an important characteristic of being a good mentor. You want to be mentored by someone who is an expert and can help you leverage your specific business goals. This is why you must find a mentor with a niche.

For instance, you wouldn’t ask a family doctor to perform brain surgery. Rather than having general knowledge in various areas, the ideal mentor will know their field inside-out and be able to provide you with his or her expertise.

3) Tough Love

I’ll be the first to admit that criticism is never what I want to hear, but it always helps propel by business forward. Criticism, when given constructively, allows you to see mistakes you may not have noticed otherwise. Having a mentor who will tell you how it is can go a long way.

Mentors are there to help you succeed in your business. A great mentor won’t be afraid to be brutally honest so that you can improve yourself and your growing company.

4) Passion and Enthusiasm

If someone is not enthusiastic about their field of work, it’s unlikely that they thrive in it. A good mentor will love what they do so much, that they seek out your potential and can’t wait to help you unleash it.

A passionate mentor will be able to help you push forward when you’re feeling discouraged and know the type of positive attitude it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Most importantly, they will have a certain love for entrepreneurship and helping others achieve their goals.

Hopefully, this list proves to be beneficial in helping you to find a rewarding mentor / mentee relationship. Remember that as a mentee, the best thing you can do is listen – buta good mentor will make you want to listen.

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