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Giles Cadman is Chairman of The Cadman Capital Group, a group of cohesive, complementary companies, operating in the international trade, retail, leisure and investment markets.

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More Wine Fraud Uncovered

Date: July 30, 2014 Categories: News | Wine

Lawsuits Surround Latest Wine Fraud DiscoveriesIf you read my blog, you’ll know that I follow wine fraud lawsuits carefully, and support any actions that producers, sellers and governments take...

Why Entrepreneurs Must Focus If They Want To Succeed

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”― Zig ZiglarEntrepreneurs are brimming with creativity and courage. The only thing an entrepreneur is...

Why Fear Has No Role in Business. Ever

Entrepreneur magazine published an article in January of this year entitled “It Turns Out, Fear is Your Best Friend”, by Stephen Key.The article was about putting ‘skin in the game’ i.e....

Wine Fraudster's Sentencing Delayed

Date: July 16, 2014 Categories: News | Wine

The Rudi Kurniawan wine fraud lawsuit has me rivetedHe is arguably the biggest wine fraudster in modern history, yet his sentencing is now delayed due the difficulty in determining exactly how much...

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