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Giles Cadman is Chairman of The Cadman Capital Group, a group of cohesive, complementary companies, operating in the international trade, retail, leisure and investment markets.

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Why Strategic Partners Are Good For Business

All the benefits of a business partner with none of the legal headaches.Strategic partnerships are a great way to grow your business. There are several factors to consider when growing your...

Three Steps To Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The key to success is getting out of your comfort zone. Get past your fears and on the road to success.If you’re feeling stuck, you probably are. Here are 3 things you can do to get past your...

The Single, Most Important Leadership Quality

Every leader is different, but is there one leadership quality you simply can’t do without.When building a successful business, creating new and innovative ideas is the easy part; the hard part...

3 Business Rules You Ignore At Your Own Peril

I’ve got 3 business rules that may seem simple but every entrepreneur needs to follow...Running a business takes time, dedication and persistent effort to reach the sweet spot of success. Even on...

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