One Year Of Good Deeds & My Challenge To You

Date: January 8, 2018 Author: Categories: Paying It Forward: Giving Back As An Entrepreneur

Paying It Forward is a series by Giles Cadman about his personal journey to finding ways to give back and make a difference. To read the first in the series, click here.

I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to follow this series with me. By this point, we’ve been through a lot together! We've learned about my first time learning the importance of paying it forward, and about how Hurricane Irma has devastated and affected so many people. If there's one thing that's I've learned from writing this, it's that we’ve got to make change together.

My challenge to you

People often talk about making a difference and creating social change, but many of us fail to actually accomplish anything. I want to change this by paying it forward by doing a year of good deeds as a personal challenge. 

But first, here is my challenge to you and I encourage you to accept it: a week of good deeds. Pledge to do one good thing every day for a week – so seven good deeds in seven days. It could be as simple as calling your parents who you haven’t spoken to for six months, tidying your attic, or eating vegetarian for the day.  

But here’s the fun part: if you decide to take me up on this challenge, then you have to nominate someone else in your network to do a good deed as well. 

Post it: make it public

I also encourage you to post about it on social media to increase accountability for yourself and the people you nominate. Think about it: if even a few people decide to participate, there will be good deeds happening all around the world in 2018. 

Post about it, make it public and follow up with people. You know your pal Billy from third grade checks his Facebook at least once a week - don’t let him off the hook so easily!

My promise: one year of good deeds 

I’m writing this blog and making this promise public I’m going to stick to it. I’m going to do a good deed, every day, for a whole year of selfless acts. I know, I know, it’s quite the commitment! I’m going to set a little alarm on my phone every day to remind me to do a good deed and I invite you to check in with me on my Facebook or Twitter accounts.  

I do hope you'll take it upon yourself to try this challenge, even if it’s just for the week. Hopefully, some kindness can at least attempt to even out some of the madness of 2017. And of course, I will document this all on the blog, so stay tuned.

Next up in this series: how to give back as an entrepreneur.  

Giles Cadman is Chairman of The Cadman Capital Group, a group of cohesive, complementary companies, operating in the international trade, retail, leisure, and investment markets. Learn more about Giles.



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