My Favourite Cities and What to do in Them: Boston


I love being near the water. As you’ve probably noticed, every city in this series is close to the ocean. This is precisely why I love the city of Boston, Massachusetts in the US. Boston sits where the mouth of the Charles River meets the Atlantic Ocean – and this city seems to revolve around the water.

If you’ve never been to Boston, I recommend you take a trip to visit! Here are just a few of the many things to love about the “Athens of America."

The people are true "fisherfolk"

Fishing is a hobby of mine and because of this, I feel right at home with the fisherfolk of Boston. The people there have a deep connection to the water – they know the weather and the tides are a part of the world. This is a stark contrast to city dwellers, who are only familiar with which type of jean jacket is currently in style. The people are incredibly down to earth and aren’t the least bit superficial, which I appreciate.

A network of communities

One of the unique things about Boston is all of the micro-communities that make up the city, and how different they are. There’s a deep neighbourhood pride in Boston, on top of devotion and love for the entire city. Between Jamaica Plain, Davis Square, Allston, and the various university communities, it’s an interesting mix, to say the least.

History runs deep in Boston and the city was founded in 1630 by the Puritans. Because of this, the older neighbourhoods have a stunning historical look and feel. Many of the townhomes are brightly coloured, and some of the homes are from the Victorian Age and have been beautifully restored.

The food is amazing

Ah, the food. Somehow, the blogs in this series always seem to come back to the delicious food each city offers! So I’ll say this: the food is amazing in Boston. The proximity to the water means the seafood is always fresh and delicious. Lobsters, oysters, and scallops are common dishes you’ll find, all simple and left alone to show the true flavours. Walk to the waterfront and you’ll be faced with endless options of fresh, delectable seafood.

I have a deep appreciation for this city, and I think anyone would have an unforgettable time exploring the historic place.

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