March's Entrepreneur of the Month: Glowing Woman in Business, Natalie Mackey!

Date: March 7, 2017 Author: Categories: Entrepreneur of the Month

As the chair of The Cadman Capital Group, a successful company I've built with many different facets, I am always intrigued by fresh entrepreneurial talent.  

For those of you new to the series, I am featuring up-and-coming self-starters of all sorts. Once a month, I put the spotlight on a determined, bold and passionate entrepreneur who I believe deserves to be celebrated.  

I am shining this month’s spotlight on Natalie Mackey, CEO of The Glow Concept. The Glow Concept is a Manhattan-based holding company for cosmetics brands and currently owns Winky Lux, Laqa & Co, and Beautiful Rights.

The Glow Concept uniquely operates with the knowledge that technology is constantly changing the way women buy makeup and skincare. Their brands are dedicated to superior product innovation, and high-quality, design-driven branding. 

However, the most attractive aspects of The Glow Concept, in my opinion, are the value propositions of the numerous brands. Mackey is passionate about ensuring her companies are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. The concept of sustainable business is paramount in this day and age.

Sustainability is a focus of The Cadman Group, and most of our businesses are sustainable – something that I’m incredibly proud of. I always appreciate and celebrate other businesses who make the extra effort and spend that extra premium in order to operate sustainably.

Mackey and The Glow Concept are obviously doing well. She was recently named Top Beauty Rock Star Under 40 and was a celebrated speaker at the WWD Digital Beauty Forum. With hard work, persistence, and ambition clearly comes reward.

I believe that you should insert passion into everything you do – and that means in life and in business. I also want to inspire people to love what they do, and be so good that they simply can’t ignore you. This appears to be exactly what Mackey is doing with The Glow Concept in the beauty and tech industry.

I look forward to seeing where The Glow Concept goes, who they acquire next, and next steps in terms of sustainability.

Keep your eyes peeled for April’s entrepreneur of the month. Do you have any notable up-and-coming entrepreneurs you admire? Mention them in the comments section below!

Giles Cadman is Chairman of The Cadman Capital Group, a group of cohesive, complementary companies, operating in the international trade, retail, leisure, and investment markets. Learn more about Giles.