All About the Glass: Stemless or Traditional?

Date: February 13, 2017 Author: Categories: News | Wine

Working in the wine industry, I tend to notice trends fairly quickly and changes in the ways we drink wine. The most popular as of late: the rise of the stemless glass as opposed to a traditional, slender glass. Does one style excel over the other? Does the stemless glass have an effect on the wine drinking? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s investigate:

Pro: Easy storage

Without a long stem, more glasses can be seamlessly tucked in to a cupboard or elegantly put on display in your kitchen when not using them for drinking.

The more space for glasses you save with easy storage, the more wine glasses you are able to own, thus, the more company you may enjoy. The more the merrier – sounds like a great idea to me!

Con: Fingerprints on the glass

One of the many purposes of the stem on traditional wine glasses is to ensure the glass itself remains clean and pristine.

Stemless glasses, while trendy, can accumulate fingerprints on the glass fairly quickly, leaving the glass looking dirty.

Pro: Less chance of breakage

While the stems of wine glasses do add to the elegance of enjoying a glass of wine, they do have a few downfalls – literally – as they have a tendency to get knocked over!

Stemless glasses, however, have a much lesser chance of breaking or being tipped over – so a lesser chance of wasting wine!

Con: The wine can become warmer

Tasting notes in a glass of wine can be largely altered by the temperature it is served at.

With stemless glasses, you are forced to hold the glass by the bowl – a common wine faux pas with stemless glasses. When holding the glass iin this way, the taste of your wine can be affected and it will not be enjoy to it's full potential!

To this point, stemless glasses could possibly be enjoyed in a setting where you don't have to hold on to your glass for long periods of time, say, at a dinner party where the glass can be left on the table.

Stem or no stem, it's all about personal preference - drink wine the way you want to drink wine! Cheers. 

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