Series: How to Thrive in Times of Change Part 3: Learning How to Embrace (and even enjoy) Change

Date: January 30, 2017 Author: Categories: How to Thrive in Times of Change

Now that you’ve learned how to stay competitive in today’s market, it’s time to learn how to embrace – or even enjoy – change! Change is inevitable, but it's also imperative for self-growth and can help you become more successful.

Make Small Changes

Small changes will make the overarching change more palatable. Do you have an end goal in mind? Maybe it’s something small such as moving all of your files to the cloud, or you’re gearing up to make a huge career change. Whatever you need to do, make sure you set small, attainable goals that will help you move forward to achieve your larger overall goal.

Reflect First

Reflection is something we all need to learn how to do more of. In today’s fast-moving digital age, it’s easy to go about life without reflecting at all! You need to take the time to realize why something is changing – and perhaps see the good in it.

Success also is not linear. I think most of us by now understand this. Expect that when you face change, especially in the workplace, there may be a time when you need to move backwards. Train your mind to understand that it’s a part of the process and attempt to embrace the uncertainty.

Check your Ego

Sometimes, your biggest obstacle is you. Unfortunately, the road to success isn’t always linear and I’ve certainly learned this the hard way.

It took me a while to find a winning formula that’s allowed me to become successful. Perhaps you need to take a pay cut – and that’s okay. Understand that change isn’t always for the best and you may need to make sacrifices. This includes checking your ego at the door and doing what you need to do to survive.

Keep a Close Inner Circle

When everything else seems beyond your control, it’s nice to be able to talk to a few trusted friends. When you need it, their support will mean everything. The beauty off sharing a bottle of wine with a close confident – now that is something that will never change!

The Bottom Line

Change is inevitable but it’s also necessary. When accepted and embraced, it can also be the key to your success.   

Giles Cadman is Chairman of The Cadman Capital Group, a group of cohesive, complementary companies, operating in the international trade, retail, leisure, and investment markets. Learn more about Giles.