Can wine help you age gracefully?

Date: January 13, 2017 Author: Categories: Wine

"U.S study suggests moderate alcohol consumption among older patients may decrease risk of frailty."

When I first read this headline, I can’t say I was shocked. Wine, when enjoyed in moderation, is something that makes people feel good and relax. Why wouldn’t it decrease the risk of frailty in older adults? I would hate to age myself, but the truth is – none of us are getting any younger!

But what is frailty? It’s not an all-encompassing term for the elderly. It’s an umbrella term for the low energy levels, unintentional weight loss and overall decline in physical performance that senior adults experience as they get older.

Previous studies have found the link between the condition of being frail to high levels of inflammation in the body, which can be measured by the amount of C-reactive protein (CRP) that’s produced by the liver.

Studies coming from the University of Central Florida have suggested that there is a link between moderate alcohol consumption and inflammation control by diving deeply into the role of CRP levels in adults 65 or older.

Using data from the 2008 wave of the Health and Retirement study, graduate student Mona Shah examined the weekly alcohol consumption and the CRP levels of 3,229 participants in the selected sample and if they were in relation to frailty. The results showed that moderate drinkers (1-14 drinks/week) showed significantly less frailty and CRP levels. Nondrinkers had the highest levels of CRP and more frailty and heavy drinkers were excluded from the study all together.

There are other conditions that alcohol may also positively impact, such as dementia and depression, which I'm eager to have explored. 

It is my non-scientific opinion that wine has such a positive impact on the human body and mind (in moderation, of course) because when you’re drinking wine, you’re usually around people you love! I’ve written before about how you shouldn’t drink wine alone – and it’s for this very reason. 

Wine is made to be enjoyed with the people you love, and to me, great times with friends and family is enough to keep you feeling young. Cheers to that!

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