Is it Socially Acceptable to Add Ice to Your Wine?

Date: September 9, 2016 Author: Categories: Wine

Over the summer – I noticed the most peculiar thing! People adding ICE to their wines!? Sure, most white wines taste best when chilled. But what if your wine isn’t quite chilled enough by the time you are ready for a glass?

This past few months I spent a lot of my time travelling in Canada and the BVI—I’m sure a lot of Canadians can agree that this was one of the hottest summers yet! Meaning, keeping your wine cool while having a glass in the sun can be quite problematic!

I’ve heard many mixed opinions when it comes to wine and ice cubes. Some people see it as a huge faux-pas, while others don’t believe it’s a big deal and that you should drink your wine however you most enjoy it.

Personally, I find that adding ice cubes alters the taste of my wine, and I find it less enjoyable. That being said, if you enjoy your wine with ice, then don’t let me tell you otherwise.

For those of you that prefer your wine without ice, though, here are a few alternative ways to keeping your wine cool that I’ve found to be useful.

Freezing grapes instead of ice

Keeping a bowl full of grapes in your freezer could be the smartest decision you ever make when it comes to drinking wine. Frozen grapes will cool your drink down in the same way, but won’t dilute the taste. In fact, it might even enhance the taste, depending how long you let the grapes sit in your glass. 

Use plastic ice cubes

Plastic ice cubes are a convenient alternative to regular ice. Essentially, they’re just ice cubes wrapped in a thick layer of plastic, so when they melt they don’t dilute your drink. While in Canada this summer, I noticed a lot of wine bottles come with a few plastic cubes attached to the neck—leading me to believe this trend is already well underway.

Keep your wine chilled well in advance

The easiest way to enjoy a cool glass of wine is to make sure it’s chilled well before the time you want to drink it. This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but wines that are meant to be enjoyed cooler need a significant amount of time to drop to their desired temperature. If you have a favourite chilled wine, perhaps keep a bottle of it chilled in the fridge at all times—you never know when you might crave a glass over dinner, after all. 

While I don’t enjoy my wines with ice, you should drink your wine according to your own personal preference. With ice, without ice, grapes or no grapes – do what tastes right to you. Cheers!


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