Part 2: Travel Tips for Staying Sane While on the Move


If you’ve been following this series, you probably already know that I travel more than your average person. Just this past week, I was in London, Toronto, and then back down to the BVI for a few days off (kind of). 

We’ve already discussed navigating different office cultures, and I’m happy to say that after years of travelling for work, I have finally figured out how to office-hop with ease.

However, when traveling for extended periods of time, you run the risk of burning out. To avoid the dreaded office-hop fatigue, here are a few tips to make sure you’re staying sane and healthy while on the move.

1. Book your own flights

Some would argue that booking your own flights takes too much time, and as we know, time is money. However, I would counter-argue that booking your own flight is time worth spending because of the money you will save. As proficient as your administrative assistant is, the truth is that only you will be diligent in saving as much of your money as possible.

Also, when you book your own flights, you will never get to the airport and think “I should have booked a different flight!” Realistically, you only have yourself to be frustrated with – which I also think is a very powerful thing.  

2. Keep time on your side

I know I write about the concept of time and using it well often, but time management is one of the pillars of success.

So how do I keep time on my side when travelling for work? I will never book a meeting within two hours of landing. If you attempt to plan a meeting as soon as you arrive, you’ll risk not having enough time to decompress after a long, grueling flight. While of course this all depends on the circumstances, the best thing you can do if give yourself enough time to properly prepare.

Also, I never book tight connections flights. If one flight is cancelled, then your entire flight itinerary is compromised. Not to mention all those meetings you’ll have to reschedule… and cancelled meetings do not make for happy clients!

3. Learn to love the airport lounge

If there’s anything you are going to take away from this blog it’s this: learn to love the airport lounge! The lounge is a hidden gem with various amenities, so you can essentially take a mini-holiday in the airport.

First, check into the airport express Wi-Fi so you’re open for communication. Next, grab a $50 foot massage, or check out the one-hour spa, then try a gourmet meal if possible. People go away for the weekend to experience these amenities, but really, you can experience them even before arriving at your destination.

4. Don’t drink and fly

This might come as a surprise if you read my blog often, as we all know how much I enjoy a delicious glass of wine! However, drinking when you are flying is a bad idea and won’t work in the way you want it to. Flying already makes you irritable and dehydrated – so why would you increase these side-effects with alcohol?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but my advice is to wait until you land and then you can celebrate.

Traveling extensively for work and office-hopping can take a toll on your mental health. Although the jet-setter lifestyle can at times be fun and exciting, it’s important to put your happiness and health above all else. What do you do to make travelling easier when working? Comment and let me know!

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