5 Health Benefits of Wine that May Make You Re-think Your New Year’s Resolution! 

Date: December 24, 2015 Categories: News | Wine
With the New Year on its way, many of us are likely to experience the following two things:

  1. A ghastly hangover, followed by

  2. A moment of sober reflection wherein we consider giving up wine for variable lengths of time

Indeed, New Year’s is the time for healthy new resolutions ranging from “I will give up dessert until April,” to the “No carbs for a long, long time,” and of course the classic, “I will give up alcohol for the month!”

While it’s great to be mindful of your health, and I’ve been doing some writing on this recently, wine (in moderation of course) is good for you – so don’t swear it off just yet! Here’s why.

Red wine has been associated with disease prevention 

While I do enjoy the occasional glass of chilled white, red wine has been suggested to be the choice which packs in the most health benefits. Studies show that red wine can reduce the chance of breast cancer, colon cancer, dementia, prostate cancer, and even liver cancer! Of course, all in moderation, as drinking in excess can have detrimental health effects.

Wine can make you thinner

In light of the common New Year’s resolution to lose weight, red wine can actually play a significant role in helping to reduce body weight. Researchers found that resveratrol found in fruit and wine can help change “white” fat into “brown” fat, the latter burning calories, which in turn reduces weight gain. Also, further research has found that people who drink wine typically weigh less than those who don’t, and it’s speculated that this is because wine can sometimes replace dessert.

Wine can boost your mood 

Wine doesn’t just help with the physical aspects. As it turns out, drinking wine can have a huge impact on your mental health as well. Researchers have found that having one glass of wine can alleviate the signs of depression and promote a healthy emotional well-being. Also, in my opinion, wine is meant to be shared, and we all know laughter is the best medicine!

Anti-aging effects 

Studies have also suggested that red wine can have anti-aging effects (so Grandma was right all along in drinking her Sherry!) Again, researchers have found that the resveratrol and antioxidants work in our body’s favour, this time by sopping up damaging free radicals that play a role in aging and age-related diseases.

Wine can promote a healthy sex life 

In one study, women who drank 1-2 glasses of wine a day reported a more active sex life than women who didn’t indulge and also claimed a more satisfying sex life. If that’s not a reason to crack a bottle of red, I’m not sure what is!

While this creates a pretty strong case to re-think giving up wine, it’s important to remember these benefits can only be experienced when drinking in moderation. As I’ve said before, wine is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, and shouldn’t be drunken alone!




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